School Safety Joint Press Conference Recap

The Katy News (Education) 8/4 4:55A Sheryl Birch
Jacey Jetton Eight days before school begins for many Fort Bend families, law enforcement officers, school district leaders, elected officials, and community leaders spoke at a joint press conference...

School Safety Joint Press Conference Advisory

The Katy News (Education) 8/1 3:54A Sheryl Birch
Jacey Jetton Following the tragic events in Uvalde, law enforcement officers, school districts, elected officials and community leaders of Fort Bend enacted new policies and trainings to further...

Local Poet Named Vice Chancellor of National Organization

The Katy News (Education) 7/21 6:01A thekatynews
Terry Jude Miller Pecan Grove poet and former Pushcart Prize nominee, Terry Jude Miller, was recently named First Vice Chancellor of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, a...

Too Hot to Stock Fish

The Katy News (Education) 7/21 5:55A thekatynews
By Tom: Behrens No channel catfish stocking for August. Anglers that frequent Mary Jo Peckham Park Lake, do not become alarmed. This happens every year. In August the water temps for the lake are...
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