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  7/28/2017 TSTC Women in Welding Amanda Sotelo
  7/21/2017 Donation Takes TSTC to New Heights Amanda Sotelo
  7/5/2017 TSTC Hosts Summer College and Career Institute Amanda Sotelo
  6/26/2017 TSTC Alum Donates to Help Others Find their Dreams Amanda Sotelo
  6/12/2017 TSTC Registration Rallies Encourage Early College Registration Amanda Sotelo
  6/2/2017 TSTC Brings Job Opportunities to Fort Bend County Amanda Sotelo
  5/19/2017 Veteran Finds Life After Military at TSTC Amanda Sotelo
  5/19/2017 TSTC Student Finds More Opportunity with Night Classes Amanda Sotelo
  4/13/2017 TSTC Hosts First Open House in Fort Bend County Amanda Sotelo
  4/11/2017 TSTC Student Follows in His Mother’s Footsteps Amanda Sotelo
  4/3/2017 TSTC Instructor Overcomes Life's Obstacles for Education Amanda Sotelo
  3/20/2017 TSTC Homecoming: Instructor Finds His Way Back a Second Time Amanda Sotelo
  3/13/2017 TSTC Cyber Security Students Form Campus’ First Student Club Amanda Sotelo
  3/1/2017 TSTC Hosts First Community Resource Fair Amanda Sotelo
  2/24/2017 TSTC, Fluor Partnership Funds Student Scholarships Amanda Sotelo
  2/24/2017 TSTC Student Veteran Gets Chance of a Lifetime Amanda Sotelo
  2/14/2017 TSTC Board of Regent Leaves Lasting Legacy Amanda Sotelo
  2/14/2017 HVAC Instructor Hopes to Inspire New Generations Amanda Sotelo
  11/28/2016 TSTC Will Host Spring 2017 Registration Rally Amanda Sotelo
  11/21/2016 TSTC and Partners Provide Hi-Tech Equipment to Students Amanda Sotelo