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The Texas Workforce Solutions Gulf Coast Board recently awarded Texas State Technical College with a Harvey Relief Grant to assist with the training and certification of men and women in the construction field who are working to rebuild the area after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.

The grant awarded gives TSTC’s Workforce Training and Continuing Education Office more than $82,000 to develop and offer its first National Center for Construction Education and Research Basic Construction course at TSTC’s Fort Bend County campus.

“This grants provides us with the infrastructure we need to provide the basic training all employers require of their employees,” said Victor Blalack, TSTC’s Continuing Education statewide project manager. “This allows us to work upon our mission of providing the Texas workforce with quality trained individuals.”

The grant provides the funds TSTC needs to train and certify course instructors, certify the lab that will be used and purchase all tools and equipment needed for the class.

The NCCER Core course is open to anyone interested in successfully completing the 73-hour training, whether its employers providing the training for their employees or employees looking to get ahead in the field.

Those who enroll in the course can expect to learn the foundation of construction safety, tool safety and field communication and will become certified by NCCEER.

NCCER credentials are recognized internationally so can be used to work in the United States and abroad.  

”Safety is a number one priority everywhere and for everyone,” said Blalack. “So obtaining a certification like this shows employers that a candidate has a high level of skill when it comes to construction safety.”

Blalack also added, “Having a NCCER certification makes a job candidate more marketable and is highly sought. Employers, especially large-scale construction companies require NCCER certifications, so this course is an advantage to many.”

The NCCER course is expected to begin late April or early May and will offered as day and evening courses depending on demand.

Tuition for the class is $1,118 and there are additional grants through the Texas Workforce Solutions for qualifying candidates. Employers also have the option of sponsoring their employees.

The need for NCCER certifications has increased due to the construction the area is undergoing to rebuild the towns and cities hardest hit along the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Harvey.

Blalack said he is glad that TSTC can help the community on this level and hopes that this initial course is a stepping stone for TSTC because his goal is that program will open doors for other NCCER certification courses at the Fort Bend County campus.

For more information or to register call TSTC’s Workforce Training and Continuing Education Office at 956-364-4179.

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