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Eduardo "Eddie" Lopez will graduate tomorrow night with a certificate in HVAC Technology during Texas State Technical College's Commencement Ceremony at the Stafford Centre at 6 p.m.

(ROSENBERG, Texas) - At only 20-years-old Eduardo “Eddie” Lopez is already ahead of many people his age with a college degree and a career thanks to Texas State Technical College.

Lopez will graduate Thursday night with a certificate in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technology, joining more than 100 other students also earning certificates or associate degrees during the college’s commencement ceremony at the Stafford Centre at 6 p.m.

“I’m pretty excited to be graduating,” he said. “I can’t wait to start my career, which has been my goal since I started. I’m ready to make money and start my life. TSTC has opened my life up to so many opportunities.”

Inspired by a close friend who works in the HVAC field, Lopez said he knew this was always the career for him. 

“I always admired my friend’s life,” said Lopez. “He had a stable career, was able to support his family in a nice home and take family vacations. I always thought to myself, ‘I want that,’ so he mentored me and gave me advice. And here I am.”

Lopez is already on the right track because the first day of his new career is Monday, July 29 at El Campo Refrigeration, a position he accepted a couple of weeks before graduating.

The Eagle Lake native said he started his job search a couple of months ago and said he was happy when El Campo Refrigeration called him for an interview because they are closer to home.

“I wanted this job so when I went in for the interview I was nervous,” he said. “Before leaving they said they would call me soon, and I’m glad I didn’t have to wait long. I found out I had the job on my drive home from the interview. There was no time wasted.”

After seeing the success that both of his older brothers found as graduates from TSTC, he said he had no doubt that his own success was around the corner. 

Lopez also mentioned that it was his instructors and the training he received at TSTC that made it all possible.

“TSTC was more about just going to class, it was about making friends and creating a family,” said Lopez. “Everyone in our class quickly bonded, helped each other out and we even learned from each other. Not to mention our instructors whose doors were always open.”

So what’s in the future for Lopez?

He said he wants to return to TSTC to pursue an associate degree in HVAC Technology because he knows it is that piece of paper that will help him advance in his career.

“My goal is to never stop learning and continue advancing,” he said. “I need to learn so much more and get experience before I can pursue my ultimate dream: opening my own HVAC company.”

HVAC is also offered at TSTC’s Harlingen, North Texas, Waco and East Williamson County campuses.

To register or learn more about the program, visit

The deadline to register for Fall 2019 is August 23. The first day of classes is August 26.

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