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TSTC Electrical Lineworker Technology students practice their skills in the pole yard built to train the program's students.

(ROSENBERG, Texas) - Texas State Technical College in Fort Bend County is the fastest growing campus statewide and with the Fall 2019 semester around the corner and 600 students already enrolled, growth is happening exponentially.

Campus Provost Randy Wooten said the campus has seen a 20-30 percent growth every semester since its inception into its own campus in Fall 2016.

“This is the community’s campus,” said Wooten. “There are a number of factors that have contributed to our significant growth and it all began with the support we received from the community when we arrived in the area.”

TSTC first began offering technical instruction in Fort Bend County in 2001 as a partnership with Wharton County Junior College, but with $40 million financial support and encouragement from the city of Rosenberg, city of Richmond, Fort Bend County, city of Sugarland, Sprint Waste Services, the George Foundation, the Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation and the Gulf Coast Medical Foundation, TSTC’s expanded into its own campus.

Wooten credits not only community support, but also the campus’ prime location, visibility and access along Southwest Expressway; the 80 acres the campus sits on with room for expansion; and the commitment from the college’s faculty and staff.

“I knew from the start that TSTC would have success in Fort Bend County. We had all of the ingredients to be successful,” said Wooten. “This is our fourth Fall Semester and we’re already looking into building expansions.”

With 10 high-demand programs offered on campus such as Cyber Security, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Electrical Power and Controls, Welding Technology, Electrical Lineworker Technology and Robotic Technology, enrollment sizes are increasing.

“All of the programs offered were selected based on need and wages,” said Wooten. “This is why were poised for great growth. A successful future is in a student’s grasp. We are Texas’ employment agency.”

Wooten added that he also can’t say enough about the faculty and staff who work really hard for every TSTC student’s future.

“We all do what is necessary. We don’t let job descriptions stop us from helping everyone who walks through our doors,” said Wooten. “Because TSTC is for everyone.”

Wooten encourages the community to visit the campus for tours and to take a closer look into TSTC’s programs.

“This campus belongs to everyone. We service traditional (straight out of high school) and non-traditional (older, returning from the workforce) students and many veterans,” he said. “We make the “American Dream’ possible.”

More than 500 students, to date, have graduated with either a certificate or associate degree from TSTC in Fort Bend County.

The campus is on track to serve more than 5,000 students from across the region in the coming years and there are master plans to expand the college into a sprawling six-to-eight building campus.

The deadline to register for Fall 2019 is August 23. The first day of classes is August 26.

To learn more about the programs offered at TSTC, visit   

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